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She Went, She Saw and She was not Disgraced Welcome, Fans of Joan of BBN

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We all love Joan of Big Brother Nigeria. There are some of us who just love her disposition, Some of us love the way she carry herself along, while some of us simply love the way she told the world and proud about her having a Daughter. If you love Joan of Big Brother Nigeria for anything at all, This is a web page to let the world know. This page was created by an admirer whose first time of seeing her was on Big Brother Nigeria. Come along and let us celebrate our love for JOAN.

Getting Personal with Joan

Name: Joan
Full Name: Joan Agabi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Law student
Hometown: Awagir
Star Sign: Taurus
Relationship Status: Single

A single mother of one, Joan says that her daughter is the one thing in the world guaranteed to make her smile. Simple and straight-forward, Joan believes in the motto 'live and let live'. She says that Nigerians should vote for her 'because I think that I am a nice person and deserve to be allowed to express myself'. A student, 24-year-old Joan holds a diploma in law.

She doesn't have to think long when naming her late grandfather as her role model. 'He was a practical, blunt person who taught me how to be independent and to never be afraid to try again.' An ardent reader who'll read almost anything, Joan loves the color red. She has widely differing tastes in everything from movies (she likes comedy and horror) to music (her faves are Dido, Nickelback and Joe). Asked about her worst habit, she answers, 'chewing my lips!'

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hii everyone this is joan of big brother i just want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your support and believe in me ,your votes really meant a lot to me. thank you for all the wonderfull things you said about me . i hope we can continue to chat on this forum and if possible meet someday in the near future .lots of love June 8, 2006

you can mail me at looking forward to chatting with you guys June 8, 2006