For those of her fans who may miss some of the questions you asked her at Big Brother Nigeria Websites,
reproduced below are the questions and answers session for your digestion.

Questions by QuestionsAnswers
Shela What was it like to be in the house? It was fun, it was a wonderful experience
Owen: If you could turn back the hand of time, what would you not do, or what would you change? I.e What are your regrets? Everything was ok, I wouldn't change anything. It all taught me lessons. I learned a lot from the other Housemates. It was a wonderful experience.
Olivia: Who do you think will win the $100,000? I thought it would be Ebuka, but right now it looks like it could be Helen.
tony from abj: Who was your best friend in the house?. Chinedu
Francis Is it true that you really love Chinedu? Yeah I do, and he cares for me too. We talked about it and we are going to see what happens. I don't bother to answer people who say it was a strategy.
Aniagbasi Benjamin: What are the things u learnt 4frm ur Housemates? I learned teamwork. One person can make or break a team. Some people are just naturally weaker and cannot stand up for themselves. There is a lot of pretense when other people are watching.
Aniagbasi Benjamin: Is there any hidden character that you have that you did not display in the House? No, that was me. What you saw was me, every day Joan.
Sarah Chungu: How does it feel knowing there are cameras all around you and the world is watching? It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but after a while I thought 'What the heck' and just forgot about them.
Gabriel: How does it feel after seeing those who nominated you,especially the ladies? I expected all of them except one person. At one point in time I confronted each of them about something, maybe told them they were behaving stupidly...
da bomb: What have you experienced in the House that you intend to use in achieving your life's dreams? The House taught me to handle people better. I learned to put up with other people because they put up with me. I learned to work in a team.
Edmund Jaka: What single most important thing from the House would you say has changed your perception of life? I realised that you cannot judge people at face value. When you get to really know people you realise that people are actually wonderful and behave in a certain way because of things that have happened to them. I have learned to respect people more.
Patience: Your reason for being in the BBN was for the money, so how do u feel towards losing such an amount? I got something that was better than the money.
Lena: What challenges did you face in the house?And how did you cope up with them? The physical task was challenging, I didn't like doing sit-ups and push -ups or wearing the same clothes for three days. I also learned to plan and manage resources (such as food) better, and I learned to manage people better.
Okpanachi: Why did you always complain to the girls about Chinedu, which was amoung the factors that led to his nomination? I don't think that led to his nomination. People didn't like our relationship because they didn't understand him. We are two of a kind. When I was upset about things I talked -girls are like that. People were also sometimes gossiping about things and I would want to set the story straight. It wasn't perfect, but we put up with it regardless.
ANTHONY FESTUS: Now that you have left the House what lesson have you learned ? It has made me see how horrible people in the outside world are. Some of the SMSes have upset those close to me, but I just don't bother...Going in to the House I also wanted to win the money, but I realised that some things are more important. I bared myself and my soul, unlike some other people. There is time in the future to make money. But I am happy for whoever wins -it is a game.
mayowa banjo: Joan, why do you claim to be blunt when you always talk behind people's backs? Um, I don't (talk behind people's backs). When someone comes up to me I will give my opinion, but there are some people that talking to them doesn't change anything. I am not a pretender. The House is very small and you know everything that happens.
Lesego: What do you think has been your downfall that led to your eventual eviction? I feel that most people saw me as a threat. When my boyfriend left people thought I would be happier in the outside world. People tried to play Cupid.
Mazni: Why were you harassing Franca because of her love for Ebuka? Is it that you were interested in Ebuka and was just waiting for Edu to leave before you pounced on him? I didn't have to pounce, he was my friend. Francisca involved me and my boyfriend in her crush, telling us to talk to him (Ebuka). He told me 'NO', and I tried to tell her as gently as possible that it wasn't going to work out. I told her that there are other people out there. But her relationship was everybody's concern.
Peter chapepa: Tell me the most memorable moments in the House, and what are you really missing about being in the House? I really can't say, there are lots of memorable moment. In the House, I miss talking to the other Housemates. I miss hearing Big Brother's voice.
Seg Erewharighe: Joan, mine is not really a question, but to commend your effort. I am very proud of you. I am based here in Warri - Delta State. I would have loved to see you in person. Move up sister! For your dreams have just begun.... Am PROUD of YOU. Ahhh, that is so sweet...
Mella: When Chinedu was leaving you ill of him, that week. You did the same thing to Francisca. Was that part of a strategy or do you genuinely not like her? I don't hate her, but basically we had a few issues. We made up on saturday, but I don't hide it if i don't like what someone is doing?
lisa: If you had spent more time in the House, would you have had a relationship with Ebuka? No.
star: Do you think your ganging up with Mau and Helen to gossip about Francisca contributed to your eviction today? They didn't nominate me because we were friends. We shared our feelings about Ebuka and Fran. She had jealousy issues. I mean, Chinedu and I were also in a relationship but we were our own people. I wouldn't say we ganged up against her. I was concerned for her personal life. We all tried talking to her but she didn't want to listen.
tola adesokan (ph): Joan,as a mother being hidden away from her daughter,throughout your stay in the House you've never said you are missing your daughter. Do you really miss her? Basically being in the House is wierd, because when you say you miss someone they vote you out. I missed my daughter, but even if I lay on the floor of the Diary Room and begged to talk to her it is impossible. It is typical of me -if it won't make a difference to do something then I won't do it.
GM: Do you think your relationship with Chinedu contributed to your eviction? Yes, sort of. I just guess people felt that we should not be together. I think people felt like I would always take his side on things, although actually I was always neutral.
Edem: Joan, you were very close to Frank; you spent a lot of time talking to him about yourself and when Chinedu left, he was the first to offer you his shoulder. How did you feel when you saw him amongst those who nominated you? He was the only one who really surprised me. He told me I was a wonderful person. Whe Edu (Chinedu) left he was a surrogate father/brother or something. He voted Chinedu out and then the next week he did the same to me. It must be a strategy. It is a game, so no grudges.